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Free Range Kids are children and young people who experience freedom from their front door. They have the confidence to travel independently, play outdoors and explore their local community, and have the skills, opportunities and support to do so safely. 

The enormous rise in the speed and volume of traffic has driven children indoors or into cars to be ferried around. Fear of traffic danger is twice as much a concern to parents as 'stranger danger'.

At Sustrans, they think it's time for change. They believe every child deserves to be free range for the sake of their health, happiness and well-being.

As a charity promoting travel by foot, bike and public transport for everyday journeys, a key area of their work has been to reverse the decline in the levels of walking and cycling to school and beyond, making it easier for kids to be out and about and active.

What can you do to  help?
Encourage your own kids to be more free range - find advice, tips and resources galore to help families and schools get started.  Go to



environment-centre.pngYou'll find lots in Swansea to help you including the Environment Centre in Pier Street (around the corner from Morgans Hotel).  At the Environment Centre you can get inspired, research information, buy green goods or drink & snack ethically in the Fairtrade Coffee Shop - opening times Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm